ViaSat-3 constellation

ViaSat-3 is designed to unlock more opportunity — for more of the world

Designed to have superior capacity — for nearly unlimited possibilities. 


Three high-capacity satellites. Anticipated superior bandwidth economics.

ViaSat-3 is planned to be a global satellite constellation consisting of three high-capacity Ka-band satellites that is expected to increase the coverage and capacity of our network to bring high-quality, low-cost connectivity where it's needed most.


With the ViaSat-3 constellation, Viasat anticipates being capable of delivering bandwidth economics superior to that of any other space-based provider. This would allow us to offer unprecedented bandwidth productivity that helps us keep pace with growing marketplace demand and fuels innovation in the marketplace — while significantly growing our total addressable market (TAM) and enabling us to focus on delivering higher margin services, including real-time earth and space networking.


The first satellite of the global ViaSat-3 constellation was successfully launched from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 2023. Launches for the subsequent ViaSat-3 satellites are pending.