This section provides additional details about the personal data that we process when you use the following Services:  



When you use the Viasat Browser, we automatically collect certain online usage information so that over time the Viasat Internet Hinting Service feature included within the browser provides more accurate hints about URLs of interest for the purpose of enabling faster page loads.  We collect and process through the Viasat Internet Hinting Service data including your IP address, network access global unique identifier, app usage and click-stream data (including the app features you engage and the webpages you visit), the webpage URL, the list of objects (e.g., images, text boxes) on the web page, the time for each object to load, whether any failures occurred loading the objects, object meta-data, and whether the object was in the browser cache and whether the domain was in the DNS cache.  The click-stream data that we process is relayed from the Viasat Hinting Service and aggregated with clicks to that particular site made by other users of the Service for purposes of optimizing and improving the Service.


Additionally, we process information on the browsing environment such as whether ad blocking is enabled, and information regarding the device CPU, disk, and operating system so that these elements are considered when analyzing web page load performance. We also collect additional information and perform analytics related to your experience with the Service and the performance of your Internet connection to aid in troubleshooting and optimizing the Service.


When providing you with the Service, we also store hashes of the cookie values along with the cookie names for each request and response associated with rendering a specific webpage. To minimize tracking and data collection from cookies, we cryptographically hash cookies with a SHA2 algorithm before they are processed by the Viasat Hinting Service.


Other than as described in this Section, the Viasat Internet Hinting Service data does not process data that you enter into the browser when visiting or interacting with a website, such as usernames and passwords, cardholder data, search engine queries, contact information, or any other user-entered data. 


You have the option to temporarily limit the Viasat Hinting Service’s access to your information by operating Viasat Connect in incognito mode (ctrl-shift-N).  When in incognito mode, Viasat Connect does not communicate with the Viasat Hinting Service, though please note that page load speeds may decrease as a result.


We receive Service crash reports that include data related to the associated incident, which may include personal data that we only use to evaluate the malfunction, make efforts to correct the problem, and improve our products and services to reduce the chance of the malfunction occurring again. In addition, you have the option to send us feedback reports that include data related to your Service usage.

Viasat Voice is a home phone service available to certain Viasat Internet subscribers.  Viasat collects and maintains information known as customer proprietary network information (“CPNI”) as part of Viasat Voice. CPNI includes, among other things, how you use Viasat Voice, for example, calling records and your billing information. Your Viasat Voice telephone number, name, and address do not constitute CPNI.


U.S. federal law generally permits Viasat to use CPNI in its provision of Viasat Voice, including billing and collections for such service. Viasat also is permitted by law to use, disclose or permit access to CPNI (i) to provide or market service offerings among the categories of services to which you already subscribe; or (ii) for legal or regulatory reasons, such as to respond to a court order, to investigate fraud, to protect Viasat's rights or property or to protect other users of Viasat’s services against unlawful, fraudulent or abusive use of Viasat's services.


Viasat does not sell or trade your CPNI with anyone outside of Viasat and those third parties authorized to perform functions on Viasat's behalf related to the performance of Viasat Voice, except as the law may require or permit or you may otherwise authorize. Neither Viasat, nor any third party to whom Viasat has provided CPNI, use CPNI for marketing purposes, except as may be permitted by law.

This Privacy Notice also applies to the individuals and businesses that host a Community Internet, WiFi, or other broadband service at their location to enable the Services to others (the “Hosts”). 


We collect information about individuals and businesses who are or may become Hosts, including identifiers, contact details, personal records, and national ID number. This information may include name, physical address, tax identification number, contact information including phone number, WhatsApp number, and email address, and the Hosts image as part of the site surveys we or our partners perform when selecting Hosts. We may collect this information either directly from you, or from our third-party business partners.


We process this information to assess whether to extend you an offer to host a broadband service solution at your location, either now or in the future. If you agree to the installation of a broadband service solution, we will process your information to provide account and technical support, to help improve the solution, and to contact you with offers and promotions relating to the service. We may share your information with our affiliates, including Viasat, Inc., to perform the functions described in this paragraph. 


Hosts can exercise their rights over their personal data at any time by following the instructions in the “Your Choices and Data Protection Rights” section of the Privacy Notice

In some locations, Viasat acts as wholesale provider of connectivity services and processes the personal data of our partners’ customers.  In this context, the partner is our customer, and the partner has the direct relationship with the customer (you) receiving the internet service. Personal data we process when we are a wholesale provider includes Usage Information including device identifier, IP address, and URL related information that we process to provide the service to our customers.


We process your personal data for purposes of our legitimate interests, including to fulfil legal obligations, establish and manage the contractual relationship between us and our partner, to provide technical assistance in connection with the wholesale service we provide, defense of legal claims, and to prevent criminal activity.


We share your personal data with others only if we have a legal basis for doing so. If we transfer your personal data to recipients outside the UK, Switzerland, the European Union, or the European Economic Area (EEA), we do so only where there is an adequate level of data protection in relation to that third country, or we have adopted an approved legal mechanism to support the transfer (e.g., using standard contractual clauses or another approved mechanism). Your personal data may be disclosed to public authorities or other entities authorized to have such access under the law.

When providing the Intelie LIVE on-prem software or software-as-a-service to our business customers, Viasat processes personal data of our customers’ authorized employees, consultants, contractors, and agents (“Authorized Users”). 


The personal data of Authorized Users that we process includes credentials, business email address, and log-in information to enable access to the Service along with other technical and related information about Authorized Users use of the Service.  We do not use Authorized Users’ personal data in an identifiable way accept as necessary to provide the Service or otherwise meet our contractual obligations to the customer to which the Authorized User is associated, or to comply with our legal obligations. 


We also may aggregate certain data relating to Authorized Users use of the Service to support and troubleshoot issues, provide updates, automate invoices, analyze trends and improve Viasat’s products or services. 


Authorized Users can exercise their rights over their personal data at any time by following the instructions in the “Your Choices and Data Protection Rights” section of the Privacy Notice