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Protecting the future of defense interests in the space domain

Space has become an intrinsic part of all defense operations — secure & resilient global space satellite communications is more essential than ever

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Advancing the space domain for over 35 years

Built for breakthroughs & executing the space enterprise vision

Whether under threat, on the move, or at operational locations around the globe, joint forces operating in multi-domain environments require secure, reliable, ubiquitous connectivity, especially across space communication technology. Viasat provides critical, satellite communications for mobile forces, enables control of remote sensors, transmits real-time battlefield intelligence, and ties sensors to shooters.

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Viasat provides a game-changing solution for autonomous connectivity

Resilient networks and situational awareness to securely connect the warfighter

The Viasat Hybrid Adaptive Network (HAN) is a revolutionary step forward in extending, improving, and securing space communications. By layering together many space communications systems of various types into a global, multi-layered network of networks, the HAN allows automated, intelligent routing and re-routing of warfighter communications across GEO, MEO, LEO, and other network layers.

  • Layered resilience supporting the combat cloud
  • Communication network agility for multi-domain operations
  • Enterprise architecture for information dominance

Key Hybrid Adaptive Network enablers

Multi-Mode User Terminals

Flexible, interoperable user terminals that can operate over multiple radio frequency bands and support multiple network protocols/waveforms. Software defined terminals that can switch between multiple different networks.

Hybrid Adaptive Network Management

Monitor individual users’ mission demands and available resources to intelligently assign users to the network that best delivers required effects. Warfighter parameters drive the HAN manager to select the “best available network” based on user demands, geography, economics, and ops tempo.

Open Standard Network Interface

Specifies the structure of information that can be exchanged between the Hybrid Adaptive Network Manager and component networks. A Translation Agent at the software layer translates the networks’ native control/status facilities into the network interface defined format.

Innovation opportunities

Pilot a Hybrid Adaptive Network scalable architecture through limited deployment of an Enterprise Management System, translation agent and Standardized Interface. 

The HAN in Action

Enabling technologies for space connectivity

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Viasat’s resilient network and mobile SATCOM systems connect those in the air, on land, and at sea with real-time information necessary for making critical, split-second decisions.

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Viasat’s 30 + years of cybersecurity and data protection solutions include Type 1 end-to-end encryption and managed services to help safeguard proprietary and classified information.

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Integrated tactical networking

Optimize the battlespace for tactical communications at the edge with cutting-edge, vertically integrated, end-to-end solutions that deliver inherent competitive advantages.

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